Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Taking an Image Dump

So... more slug episodes finally aired and I am able to post some more work I did for the show. The Mech Snake (Episode 6 'The Slug Run') was by far the most enjoyable asset I worked on, as I built it, textured it and did some minor rigging. Joey Wilson rigged the body and I did the head components (peddles, handles, etc).
The rest of these images are just examples of the texture jobs on a select few characters and a slug. I worked on a lot more assets but these are the few I enjoyed!

Hopefully I can rummage through the deepest darkest recesses of the interwebs and find better quality footage of some of the Slug episodes. Right now as it stands, most of the episodes uploaded are pretty low quality. Then one day I can put together a demo with more examples of work :P

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


So the show I worked on in January finally aired a few weeks ago and I can show one of the vehicular creatures I  textured. Only 2 episodes have aired on the Disney XD and this guy and a bunch of props were in those episodes but there is more to come. I did a lot of texturing for this show but I also got to build, texture and minorly rigged a cool Snake Mech which I will post later (Once the episode it is featured on has aired). No HD quality footage to post as the online quality episodes I have discovered are not reel worthy.