Friday, 26 August 2011

Can you feel the base!!!!

Here is a little update. Adjusted some of his features a bit. More so in the jaw and Traps department. I added the base and logo, which for now I'm happy with. Not sure if i want to damage it or make it new and slick looking (which would be a nice contrast).

Still working on the pectoral anatomy but almost pleased with it. It will soon be time to dump him in mudbox and detail him. I like the paint tools in mudbox way more than zbrush!

Got one week left at EA Canada and its going to be a busy one, so i probably wont be working on anything personal for the next week. So sit tight and stay tuned!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Moloch-chu I choose you!!!!

New update today. Added the straps this afternoon and refined some details. I tried giving some lower jaw/chin winkles just to see how it would look, but i think I'm going to tone it down. Too many directional lines causing un wanted focus to the mouth :P

Going to get this piece prepped for final detailing by the end of this week. Still lots to do (retopo, start details and refine, etc.) Moloch still has a ways to go yet! So stay tuned!


Fixed the mouth wrinkles. They bothered me a lot. Started to do some asymmetry to the face, but it has been busy today so not a lot of down time to work on Moloch today.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Just some minor things....haven't lunch crunched in the last 2 days and decided to work on these on the down times at work.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Moloch Lunch crunch

So today, some co workers and I decided to do a lunch crunch. Sculpt a quick rendition of a character within the 1hr time frame that we had.  So our theme was Mortal Kombat and we each picked a character, I picked one Ive never herd of "Molcoh". Ive played the first 3 MK games when they came out in the 90's and that was it, but i thought this guy was rather interesting.

WoW am I slow today! I think my problem is that I was too worried about the details and not focusing on the form. I was also fighting the geo alot! We got this base mesh from a co worker that uses it for his busts, and I really hate the geo around the eyes! Felt like I was always working in the eye sockets because they never looked right.

Anyway I will work on this guy at a later date, it  was fun and we will be doing  another 1hr sculpt tomorrow! Cause Im a bit sloooooow today.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Wip Wip Wip from my wacom tip!

Haven't done too much since last post. Still playing around with the fabric/torso area and being a bit picky with it because i need to retopo and i only want to retop once.

Ill be back on the head come next week. Stay tuned!