Friday, 6 January 2012

As promised.

It's Friday and I promised to post some images of where I'm at. I'm 97% done the sculpt...going to tweak a few things and them I'm moving onto my next project. I will do a nice texture and Render of this of course, but the sculpt process is done.

Monday, 2 January 2012

I'll be back soon

I'm sure it has been noticed that I haven't posted anything since Nov. 7th. and I'm sorry to be MIA for so long.
But for the last 2 months Ive been coping with some personal tragedy that I experienced after my last post. It really knocked me off my feet and took me to a very sad, dark and lonely place. My life got shaken up and I had to roll with all the punches. I also had to pick up what was left of myself as well as my earthly belongings and move to a new location. My world got turned upside down in an instant and I didn't even see it coming. What I experienced, I never really went through before and I didn't handle it well. It changed me and I really didn't do too much for the last 2 months but unravel and discover somethings about my self and how a person can fall apart and have their life change in an instant.

Life is strange and when you least expect it, it tosses in a curve ball and makes you shift into a unpredicted or unplanned path that maybe inconceivable to you at the time.

That all being said, I put all things in my life on hold and tried to get my shit together, which I'm still working on. But it is only been until recently that I started engaging in creating art again.
I avoided using my work as an escape from my ordeal as I didn't want to taint the joy of creating art. I've tried this in the past and it affected my work in a negative way and chose not to do it again.
But now that I am slowly getting settled into my new life Ive started sculpting again, and by the end of the week you should see the final result of Moloch.

Till then, stay tuned.