Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wrinkles are just knowledge lines!

Minor update. Started defining and puffing up his facial wrinkles as well as giving some minor surface detail to the skin.This has helped to break up the surface and give me a visual means to find natural looking wrinkle lines.

I just started retopology in Topogun so i can start bringing in more detail in the horns and shoulder areas.

I think once I retopo this guy, ill be giving him the same wrinkle treatment as Moloch. No I haven't updated this guy as Moloch has been a fun one to plug away at it. But his scrotification will be happening soon enough!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hello ladies! Do you like my muscles??

So I ended my contract at EA Canada this past Friday, and today (Monday) I started up again on this guy since my last post. As you know this started off on my lunch hour and I decided to keep plugging away at it. But in the past week I wasn't able to work on his handsomeness, Lord Moloch of the Banana hammocks, due work and wrapping up the game.

But tonight I managed to squeeze some time in, before bed. So here is a little update!

Whats new? Well the base muscle forms were re-cut and I started to layout the wrinkles in the face. Ive been looking at the works of Kenichi Nishida and I really love the way he approaches the fleshy face wrinkles on his characters. So Ive been delicately cutting in roughly where i want some prominent wrinkles to go. That's about it! Oh and i gave him a slight lip curl on his left side....meeeoooow!